Jon Kern, a local coin entrepreneur needed his site continually updated to reflect the items in his stock.


When I inherited this site it had not been updated in at least a year. Jon already had a weekly system for getting ads to print, so I utilized the work he was already doing into web format using the CMS Textpattern. Not only was updating the site made much easier, it also made syndication of his ads possible.

A year ago, Jon discontinued the ads and began advertising only by word-of-mouth and through his website. I re-engineered the site to take on his entire inventory as a searchable database, which I maintained until June 2008. I am involved in the entire back-end coding process, which was done in PHP.

In August 2008, I installed and completely customized a free version of the e-commerce program (Shop-Script) and helped Jon to learn how to maintain his inventory himself. As such I am no longer maintaining this site, and it is being updated continuously by Jon Kern himself.

Skills exhibited

  • XHTML/CSS coding
  • Set up CMS
  • Coding inventory search functions in PHP
  • Installation/configuration of shopping cart software
  • Customization of shopping cart software via PHP

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