Christian-Coder is was personal hobby website; that portion of the site has been moved to It is due for a redesign, again as I get time, and will focus on dreaming about potential video games projects featuring a Christian ethos.


This website has served as a playground for me to try new ideas, and some ideas worked well, and others display the wisdom of the statement "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". It has been and is a fun project.

Skills exhibited

  • Site design and copy
  • XHTML/CSS/PHP coding
  • Flash "site at a glance" on the homepage


I've been through [Wizardry 8] once or twice, but I still love looking through other people's help sites, and yours is the best I've found. I can tell you went through a great deal of effort in getting it right. I especially love your spell list where you can sort it by any factor you'd need. The one thing I've wanted is to be able to look at one spell type (psionic) and see what other classes can cast it, so I can find the psionic-only spells I need. Your site did wonders on that.

— Dave Lundgren
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